Innovating on the Go

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Hello friends. We are in a different world due to Covid19 as you are aware and most churches are not gathering at this time. Some are beginning to open doors, and beginning to have small group meetings, but overall, things are far from normal. Innovate Church is still not currently meeting in our space. While we are still small enough to fit under the government guidelines, we just don’t think it is smart to take the risk of gathering together. So, we are trying to Innovate on the go, along with many other churches in the world.

To Innovate things, you have to continually learn and seek different ways of doing things. This all takes time for study and time for trial and error. It also takes courage…(I’m growing in this!). It also takes work. Why do most churches continue to do the same thing as every other church? Because it’s easy, and because it is what we already know how to do. I, Gerald, have struggled since the beginning of Covid on what to do, how to do, and why do? I too have fallen prey to the “do what is easy” method of delivering a sermon every week and throwing it up online. Everyone already expects a church to deliver a sermon every Sunday right?

This is not why Innovate was born. We desire to make conversation and discussion the hallmark of our time together. Real community, breaking bread with one another, and of course meeting at a time other than the usual church times. We wanted to get out of the building and serve our local community. This takes people that we don’t really have just yet, so we were looking forward to getting out in the warmer weather and meeting new people in our neighborhood. Then Covid hit and put an end to that for now as well. Who wants to go around screaming at people from at least 6ft away…people get weirded out half the time just knowing you’re visiting from a church. We never had a goal to “build a big church.” Getting people to show up to “services” is not the impetus behind what we want to do in our community. We just want to serve, to fill the needs, and to make people see the Lord loving them through our hands and feet and the love we would show them.

What are we doing, or going to do now? We sent out 938 post cards to our local community seeking to be in service to fill needs and find assets to fill needs. We’ve begun posting Psalm reading videos with short messages every evening on socials and YouTube for encouragement and blessing to those that find them. We are currently seeking to create opportunities for online bible study and connection through the use of our Innovate Groups on Facebook. This will take time and effort but will happen soon. We are going to add to our sermon posts ways to help listeners focus and spend some time with the Lord before and after our sermons. We may add a question and answer time during the week soon.

We have a lot of vision and dreams but only so much time in the day available to us as well.  But we want you to know, we are working on developing more, creating more, and doing more to get to know you in our community. We do have to keep in mind balance and the role it plays in keeping our selves healthy, and the truth that we can’t do it all at one time. Our heart is to grow community even if we are not meeting in the same location!

Growing an online community is another goal for us. Digital community has become a much more important and completely valid way of connecting and discipling others. We are seeking to learn and do more in this space as well. This allows us to grow and to touch lives outside our community including those that may never enter a church building. Building the Kingdom of God is our ultimate goal, in whatever way the Lord wants to use us. Since we are not about building or a membership number, there is so much that is possible for Innovate. The idea of church attendance and a specific worship hour is changing forever, and we want to meet people where they are when they are. We will keep investigating, learning,  and trying out new things to Innovate how people are discipled and reached for the Name of Jesus Christ.