About Us

We meet on Sunday evenings at 6PM for food, fellowship, encouragement, and the sharing of God’s Word with one another.

The Mission

Partner with, reach, positively affect those that do not regularly attend a church.

Help those with questions find the truth of Jesus Christ and begin life with Him.

Provide a safe space for those with questions, seeking discussion, and in need of fellowship.

Positively affect change in our homes, communities, and nation by joining in Christ’s mission to proclaim good news to the poor, free the captive, open the eyes of the blind, and do justice in our community.

Help one another fulfill our calling to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever in our work and in all we do. Seek the Kingdom of God first.

Engage – Empower – Equip – Encourage

You have a voice - You have permission to – Use your talents/gifts/skills to – Fulfill God’s calling

The Experience

We meet in the basement of a home, for a little food, fellowship, and discussion. We are causal, so there is no need to dress up, come as you are!

We seek to include each other in the conversation of the topic/lesson for the evening. It is not simply preaching, but usually includes questions for everyone willing to answer. Questions are posed for discussion so that we may seek to learn from each other’s experience and wisdom. No long boring sermons here!

We seek to provide space for conversation and community building. Because of this there are various seating areas that promote interaction face to face. You can sit where you feel comfortable.

We believe the family should experience their faith learning together. We believe the best atmosphere, and the best teachers of the faith for children, are parents and key adults. Our time together provides the opportunity for children to be included in the discussion, and for them to experience their own parents’ faith and questions.

We will, from time to time, have music. Sometimes it may be as simple as watching a YouTube video, and other times it may be live music. Sing and dance if you desire.

We desire our space and time together to be safe for all that attend. We do not require you to participate in answering questions or doing anything you do not feel comfortable doing. We do encourage you if you are willing, but you will not be shamed or put on the spot.

We believe in showing grace to one another. We believe there is room for questions, doubts, honesty, and even disagreement in the body of Christ.

We believe in encouraging each other to find Christ in each situation and align our lives with His. To seek His Kingdom is our highest goal.

The Why

Our communities want to see the Church live differently than the world around them. We desire to be more like the movement that started with the first disciples of Jesus.

We have two main goals for our church.

To be more effective in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a people that are not currently attending a church.

To be in service to “the least of these” in and around our community.

We are Innovate because when it comes to mission, serving, and reaching people, we believe non-traditional ways of doing good need to be sought.