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About Us
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Let's Get Together Sundays

Hop on and join us on Sunday afternoons for a time of catching up with one another, hear a biblical message, and then have time afterwards for questions and conversation and about the message.

Pastor Gerald teaches a relevant, biblical, message in Zoom on Sundays at 4PM. Whether you are a person of faith already, or curious, there is room for you in community with us. We welcome you with open arms.

We are a digital church community for those, and their families, that do not attend a physical church gathering. You may be physically or mentally unable, or just don't want to. No matter the reason, we welcome you here, as we believe you belong in a community that will show love to you and encourage you to grow in your faith journey.

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Tuesdays 7PM EST
Jump In!
Midweek Discussion Group

Come on and jump into real community and let's catch up! Not only do Tuesday evening Zoom gatherings include a time of catching up with one another, but it is also a time when we open up the Bible and discuss what it says to each of us.

This is our favorite time together! We get to open up the bible and see what it is saying to you and us. Got questions about the text? Great! Let's see what we come up with together. No one of us has all of the answers, so let's talk about what God is saying to us!

It's usually an open bible discussion but, we may change it up and look at a video series to kick off the discussion. The main thing is that we communicate and learn together, as a community!

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Thursday Prayer & Praise

The Lord wants to hear your prayers. He explicitly tells us to make our requests known. Acts 2 says, "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

Prayer is an essential part of our walking in faith. Sharing our prayer needs and praying for others is a way that we show love for one another. It's also what brings us closer together as a community of faith, and draws us into a true Spiritual experience.

We come together in Zoom on Thursday evenings at 7PM EST for a time of prayer and praise together. Won't you join us?

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Family Inclusive
We believe the Church happens first in our homes. Parents, we are here to help you share the Word of God and your personal faith with your children. We welcome you and your children to our gatherings!
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We Want You In Community
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We want to help you help your kids! Check out the Families page!

Innovate Families

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