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About Us

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The Experience

We use Zoom for our gathering times. This provides face to face community for our online events.

We also stream most of our times together to our Facebook and YouTube channels.


Every Sunday at 4PM EST, we present a live teaching of 20-30 minutes in length. We try to keep these messages brief and leaving more for us to discuss together later in the weekly discussion. It is our hope that these messages would allow you the opportunity to invite others over to join with you, show them in a group setting, or be shared with friends and family digitally, to help encourage and bless others with the Truths of God.

Tuesday’s at 7PM EST, we have online discussion of the biblical text/teaching from earlier that week using our Zoom meeting room. This allows those us to have meaningful discussion around the text and to dive deeper into Sunday’s teaching. We do not believe we have all the answers ourselves, so we seek to hear from each other for the gleaning of wisdom together. We invite anyone to join us for these discussions that is seeking to learn more and to experience a biblical community together.

Thursday’s at 7PM EST we offer a prayer service, again using Zoom meeting rooms. It is a time of praying together for specific needs as a community together. Anyone is welcome to join with their own requests.

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The Mission

Partner with, reach, positively affect those that do not regularly attend a church service.

Help those with questions find the truth of Jesus Christ and begin life with Him.

Provide a safe space for those with questions, seeking discussion, and in need of fellowship.

Positively affect change in our homes, communities, and world by joining in Christ’s mission to proclaim good news to the poor, free the captive, open the eyes of the blind, and do justice in our community.

Help one another fulfill our calling to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever in our work and in all we do. Seek the Kingdom of God first...together!

Engage – Empower – Equip – Encourage

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The Why

The world wants, and needs, to see the Church live differently than the world around them. We desire to be more like the movement that started with the first disciples of Jesus. Real community that loved and cared for each other locally. We believe we can inspire each other to good deeds and growth in our faith, together, making use of modern technologies to reach the world for Christ.

We envision seeing small gatherings of people in homes, or other places you can physically gather, that are about helping further the Kingdom God in the local community. The gatherings will be connected together virtually because, the Church is a global body of believers, uncontained by walls, seeking to further the Kingdom impact beginning in our own homes.

You are not the church alone; we are the Church together. When we cannot be together physically, we are still together virtually as we all have connectivity in the palm of our hand today. We shall use this technology to experiment seeking ways to be better connected to care for and share life together, as we seek to be the Church in the world.